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For a reliable heating contractor in Canadaigua, NY

You can rely on a heating contractor like Colb Heating Cooling & Refrigeration to provide long-lasting solutions!

As an air conditioning and  heating contractor from Canadaigua, NY, we take pride in our professional approach to helping residential customers. Our team is fully trained in how to deal with all kinds of A/C and heating questions and problems, and will clearly communicate any issues to you. No contractor will proceed until you have approved the budget, design, and timing of any installation or repair work. We can help obtain any necessary permits, and are happy to work with all major brands and manufacturers, including Energy Star® rated equipment. Our professionals are ready to do the job, so contact us today for a free estimate. 

Heating contractor provides A/C repair service in Canadaigua, NY

Air conditioning installation and repair

The air conditioning contractors at Colb Heating Cooling & Refrigeration have many years of experience in air conditioning installation and repairs. They are experts in everything from small units to complex central air conditioning systems. You can rely on Colb Heating Cooling & Refrigeration's team to provide quick service, reliable work, and honest prices. Call us today in Canadaigua for a free estimate!

Heating installation and repair

The work of a heating contractor must be done with regard to the highest safety standards and by obtaining all required permits. You can rest assured that when you call us to perform installation or repair work for your home's heating system or boiler, it will be done quickly, professionally, and safely. And our heating contractors always carefully inspect heating systems after they have been installed. From design support to oil/gas conversions to ductwork, trust our Canadaigua team to exceed your expectations. 

Great quality at a great price

The team at Colb Heating Cooling & Refrigeration has served the Rochester area and Finger Lakes region for more than 20 years. We stand behind our guaranteed work, which is always done at affordable prices. We believe you won't find a more trustworthy or caring approach to serving residential clients anywhere else! 

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